Is breed an important risk factor for aggression in dogs?

I was invited to do a short article for ‘The Conversation’ about my recent research on risk factors for aggression in dogs. The article highlights the relatively small amount that breed contributes to aggression risk, and the implications for breed specific legislation. It’s available here:




  1. gguides

    Just a heads up, the link is not working. Or it is but says “page not found” 😦 Anyway, I’d say it is a factor but not very important one, any of any breed can become aggressive after certain life events. This is just my opinion though 🙂

    • Dr Rachel Casey

      Thanks very much for letting me know gguides – I have updated the link so hopefully it works now. I agree with you completely – that is broadly what we found in our research: breed is a risk factor for aggression but only has a small influence.