About Rachel

My name is Dr Rachel Casey. I’m a veterinary surgeon, animal behaviourist and welfare scientist working at the University of Bristol veterinary school in the UK. I have a PhD in animal behaviour and lead a research group investigating aspects of companion animal behaviour and welfare.

I am also a clinician, helping owners with animals that show behaviour problems. My clinical qualifications include being a European and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Recognized Specialist in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine.

I lecture about the behaviour of dogs, cats and horses to a wide range of audiences. I’m a regular contributor to various media, most recently on BBC 2’s “The Wonder of Dogs” and Channel 4’s “Dogs: Their Secret Lives“, and I am actively involved in the promotion of high welfare standards for companion animals through a number of veterinary and animal welfare organizations.

You can follow me on twitter at @DrRachelCasey and find further information on pet behaviour on my website at http://vetbehaviour.info

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