Comments policy

This blog has a moderation policy – I will check comments before they are accepted. I would be interested to hear your opinions on the blog posts, and am particularly interested to hear about any relevant science or evidence base that readers have come across which backs up their ideas.

But I don’t want personal insults (to anyone) please – it may seem amazing that an apparently benign area of science like animal behaviour would attract some nasty stuff, but you’d be surprised!

The other things which may result in moderation are very long ‘cut and paste’ comments (links to other articles are fine), or trying to sell things.

WordPress also have a Spam filter for comments, so it’s possible that some may get filtered out automatically for this reason. Please don’t take offense if you write a great comment that disappears without trace, it may have been spammed.

Thanks for your interest in my blog.


  1. Judith Larkin

    Thanks so much. My email comes from my Kennel name…Snowbound Gordon Setters. I was a teacher for thirty years and my greatest wish was to be snowbound and have no school for a few days…thus…Snowbound Gordons…

  2. Judith Larkin

    I am the editor of the Gordon Setter Club of Canada newsletter (The Gordon Report). I would love permission to reprint your article (blog) in its entirety in our newsletter. I would of course, give you total credit and mention your blog. The Gordon Report is sent out to all our members in Canada free of charge. We try to give them informative articles that will be of help to all our members. I would appreciate a response as soon as possible.
    Judith Larkin, Editor, Gordon Setter Club of Canada newsletter

    • behaviourvet

      Dear Judith

      Thanks for your interest – it is fine for you to use the blog text for the newsletter. Thank you for asking and accrediting the source. I love your e-mail address – very evocative!

      Best wishes

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